Becoming The Mogul

Becoming The Mogul

Hello Moguls!

    Wow, The journey to success is so HARD! (I just had to put it out there!) People will make it look easy and sell the look "Got It All Together" like a true IG Ambassador. However, lets be real manifesting dreams is not easy and it takes true dedication and resilience to the process. Before becoming TG The Mogul, I was simply TG Graphics that was started in college. I remember I just wanted to be designing for celebrities and attending events. As crazy as it sound, I'm actually living this lifestyle now and it's only the beginning.

I really spoke my dreams into existence!  

In high school, I would dream of being a lyricist in the entertainment industry. I wanted to be successful behind the scenes. Fast forward to today realizing I was young dreaming, but I wasn't too far from the mark. Working in my purpose... I am behind the scenes. I'm just not a lyricist, but I do get to use high-end creativity through graphics for clients with 80K+ followers and millions have seen my brand through the behind the scenes work I do with celebrities, influencers and millennials. I have officially come to a place in my career where I can't take every opportunity that comes my way and I have a block schedule that I I have to follow to plan out my days and weeks. The sacrifice is real when manifesting dreams. 

    This journey has been so rewarding, but slightly insane as things has manifested suddenly! I have allowed God to lead every aspect of my business and I can say He has leveraged my brand to a level I'm blessed to see so quickly. It was just April of this year 2019 when I was truly jumping into my purpose with my personal brand and meeting very prominent clients who have helped shape my clientele reach. I had just moved to a new apartment in a new city and learning life from a new financial increase. Everything was new and I was really at a place of speaking things into existence for my life and praying over my business. 

    I can't stress the importance of being true to who you are in your journey to success in purpose and just keep like-minded individuals close to you. The people at my table, have their own table and pour into me daily as I have allowed God to help me build my table solidly, so that I can serve those around me. Serving others in the journey allows me to stay teachable, and to help others level up so we all can earn a seat at each others table! If we all pull together and put our talents to use so that everyone can become exactly who we're destined to be it would be so dope! Just keep God first, use your gifts and follow what makes you happy. Don't let others influence your mind on what you can or "shouldn't" do. Your walk in purpose is yours and it should set your soul on fire to become just who you are meant to be!



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